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What is the difference between a bone and a fossil?

- Although we use the terms "bone" and "fossil" almost interchangeably at, it is important to recognize that they are, in fact, quite different. A bone is a part of the skeletal system of most animals, protecting vital organs, providing a frame for muscles and tendons, and allowing the creature to remain upright. When an animal dies and it's body decays, its bones are left behind— at least for a while. A fossil, on the other hand, is something that is preserved from an organism of the distant past. While body fossils are often remnants of bone, trace fossils can be anything from footprints to feces. Even plants can be fossilized. 

 So what exactly do you sell?

- We sell fragments of fossilized bone, all of which come from a selection of dinosaurs that lived in the northern mid-west region of the United States. Although we use the terms "bone" and "fossil" somewhat interchangeably, we want to clarify that "fossilized bone" is the true scientific classification of our product. 

 Is this legal? 

- Yes. These fossils have been harvested on private lands, with the permission and cooperation of the landowners.

 But shouldn't these fossils be in museums, and not in private hands?

- The fossils we sell are not museum quality. They are simply too small and too insignificant to be of any use to researchers. Therefore, they will simply decay over time if they aren't harvested, eventually turning to dust. It is our belief that they are better off in the hands of amateur collectors who will preserve and appreciate them for generations to come.